What’s your hydration base?

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Safeguarding your overall health from harmful elements may seem like a fairly simple task, but where do we start? A recent study done by researchers on dripdrop.com (an organization dedicated to fighting dehydration here in the U.S and abroad) estimated that approximately 75% of people are suffering from dehydration. Being dehydrated is the precursor sickness and the body’s ability to fight off disease.

The first step to caring for our health is being knowledgeable. It may seem daunting,  but no worries darling, I got your back! Today, I’m sharing a few basic tips that will help you get some skin in the game. (hahaha see what I did there!)

Although skin types vary drastically, we all need the same things in various degrees. For example, it seems to be widely understood that hydration is life, and our daily water intake is of great importance when it comes to overall health, right? So let’s do this together. Start with assessing how much water your body needs in order to effectively eliminate waste and flush out toxins regularly.  

How to calculate daily water intake:

  1. Divide your body weight by 2.2 (example 150➗2.2=68.18)
  2. Multiply that number by your age. If you are under 30 automatically multiply by 40  (example 36 x 68.18=2,454)
  3. Multiply that number by 28.3 
  4. The final number is the estimated ounces of water you should aim to drink daily. (example 86.73 ounces).

A few benefits of reaching optimal daily hydration are a better quality of sleep, efficient blood circulation throughout the body, increased circulation in the brain, which enhances cognitive activity, concentration, and boosts mood.

Drinking enough water regularly enhances your overall health and your ability to LIVE your LIFE more LAVISHLY!

I love sharing my knowledge but even more so, love hearing from my lambs! Tell me, how do you stay hydrated regularly? Do you have a favorite water bottle or travel flask you/d like to recommend?  Do you have a favorite method of infusing your water? Share your comments below.

  • Smooches to you and proper hydrationLambs!

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