Our Mission

Lavish Experience strives to create products that encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Through educating individuals on the importance of natural and organic ingredients within their products and practices, lavish consumers are learning how to reap the full benefits of their mind, body, and our precious planet. 

Company’s Vision

The ability to intimately touch the lives of millions of women is our dream as Lavish Experience. By creating unique products and processes we hope to shift the narrative of skincare and leave a positive impact on the world. We are committed to gaining knowledge through conducting thorough testing, scientific research, and holistic methods all taking into account the impact we have on our environment. This process teaches and allows each individual the possibilities of creating a loving, holistic, organic, and clean community. As we are driven by passion and honesty we make sure to leave room for our lavish lambs to bring those qualities to the table as well. We believe that the art of love and the gift of giving is the keys that create unity and enhance our ability to empower one another to live life Lavishly!

Meet our founder Luna!

Hello and welcome!

The LAVISH EXPERIENCE brand was born out of my love for nature and it’s naturally occurring gifts that heal and beautify each one of us in such a unique way. My love of skincare manifested itself early on in my life. As far back as I can remember, my mother, ” B. Santos, was a product consultant for a major company back in the early ’90s and I was her busy “Little Diva” getting my hands on whatever I could find, especially her cucumber facials, toner, and all the creams I could find! She instilled her hard-working ethic in me and in turn, I learned the importance of self-care as rest and relaxation from hard work.

I believe that what’s best for our skin is what mother nature intended! I learned this the hard way after experimenting with different drugstore brands that led to a hideous inflamed rash, which I later learned was my body’s immune response to possibly toxic ingredients. I wanted a skincare regimen that would hydrate my skin and offer a layer of protection from the New England winter elements, but the products I found left me with little to no results. Dissatisfied and disillusioned I started investigating and found that many companies use fillers and preservatives for longer shelf life and no real benefit to our skin’s health. 

After much research, I have developed a line of all-natural products that are free from harmful ingredients and still feel and smell appealing. Recognizing the bounty of our marvelous planet and its power to heal and beautify our bodies has fueled my passion for all-natural skincare. It is my privilege to share this passion with you. And it’s my hope that you find beauty, love, balance, and quality in every LAVISH EXPERIENCE.


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